Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

I can't believe I haven't documented our Halloween yet!  It's never too late to talk about Halloween you know...but I will be dating it back to October so it is in the right archives.  :)

We started out our evening by taking costume pictures, of course.  I honestly would have been happy to just sit there and take pictures of them all afternoon.  But can you believe they actually wanted to stop so they could go trick or treating?  The nerve.
Without further ado, here is K1 as Clark Kent! 

I loved this costume because it cost us nothing.  He just wore his church clothes and he already had a superman shirt.  I know Clark Kent has glasses but I didn't feel like trying to track any down and just conveniently didn't tell him that Clark had any.  :)  Only one person out of a hundred mentioned the lack of glasses so I think we were okay...everyone knew who he was supposed to be without them.

K1 lost his top tooth on the Sunday before Halloween (which he made me pull out, the little stinker.  It was very unnerving, but luckily it didn't hurt him) .  I love his new toothless grin!

Next up, K2 as Princess Tiana! (I know...its a stretch...but I made this costume the day before Halloween... we had to improvise).  At first she was really wanting to be a ninja (which would have probably just been an all black outfit with a head wrap or something).  I really wanted her to be Tinker Bell since that is the material I had (for the one we would have made for Disneyland), but she really didn't want to.  But once she saw her little sister's pretty princess dress she decided that she wanted to be a princess too.  Again, not wanting to have to buy a costume, we had a ZING moment where we realized that Tiana ALSO had a green dress and we could use the Tinker Bell Material to make it.  Perfect!

K2 was thrilled with her costume and she and her sister had such a grand time coming down the stairs and announcing each other at the princess ball ("Introduciiiiing Snow White!") and having princess dance parties.

My daughter makes a very beautiful princess...but I am little biased.  :)  I actually ended up using Make it and Love It's Tinker Bell tutorial here for her leotard thing, but made some leafy modifications to the front to make it look more like Tiana's dress.  And of course I had to ad sleeves even though Tiana's dress doesn't because K2 has been on a huge "I need to be modest" kick lately.  Which is every mother's dream...I just hope it lasts!  The most ironic thing is that she didn't want to be Tinker Bell, but it actually ended up preeety much looking like a Tinker Bell costume.  Too funny!

And then of course we just did a tulle tutu for the skirt.  I was going to make gloves for her and stuff but we ran out of time.  Thankfully she didn't seem to mind.

K3 is next.  A few words about her dress:  It was a beast.  Luckily I was able to finish it in roughly one Saturday afternoon (only because my husband held down the fort for me and pretty much pretended like I wasn't there so I could get it done).  I think if I had started it in the morning I would have been able to finish it in one day, but I didn't have time.  I am glad that I can now say I've made a little girls dress but there are so many things I would do differently next time.  Apparently when I bought the material a year ago (the dress was originally supposed to be made for our trip to Disneyland, but that didn't happen) I didn't realize that the top part was all blue, and that the sleeves were light blue with I just improvised with what I had.  I wished I would have had the stretchy blue fabric for the front though because the silky stuff I had didn't have enough give, and it had torn several times by the end of her first night wearing it.  Oh well.  She was THRILLED with it and has actually worn it all day every day since Halloween (it is now officially torn and trashed, but she doesn't seem to mind).  Thankfully she is also a very thankful little girl and tells me at least 6 times a day "Thank you mommy for making my best dress EVER!".  So I guess all the stress in making it was worth it. :)

Without further ado, K3 as Snow White!

This next one is what she looked like when I told her to smile like a princess.  Interesting...

Her poses make me laugh.  She is so kooky sometimes.

The sleeves were actually really fun to make.  I found the tutorial here.  I would definitely make them a little puffier next time.  Oh, and I used the basic form for her dress from Make it and Love it's Cinderella costume here.  I wanted the bottom to be fuller so I did two layers of the satiny fabric with two layers of yellow tulle in between.  It turned out cute.  The white collar was something I made up and it kept falling down, so that was an epic fail.  But it did the job.

All in all it was actually really fun to make.  I think I would enjoy doing something like it again if I give myself more time to do it next time.  :)  But she sure is cute and she has always reminded me of Snow White.

The kids had lots of fun trick or treating this year.  The kids' first stop was our wonderful next door neighbors.  They are seriously the best neighbors a girl could ask for.  They are currently letting me use their dryer since ours bit the dust and we don't have money to buy a new one yet.  They gave me a spare key and I can go over there during the day while they are at work.  Such nice people.

Anyways, we had lots of fun.  I, of course, just followed the kids around and took pictures, since that is my favorite thing to do.  :)

Poor K3 was left behind a lot because K1 and K2 would book it to every door and were a lot faster than her.  The two kids were actually really good at going back and bringing K3 with them before they would actually knock, but every once in a while we would here a sweet little voice saying "Don't forget Snow Whiiiiite!" coming from behind us.

It just melted my heart.  I know I will miss these days of having my kids so cute and little.  K3 isn't one to be upset...she was mostly being matter of fact in her tone of voice.  As if no one would actually forget the center of the universe.  :)  It always made us all laugh and so later on she would say it just to be funny.

These next two pictures showed the funny face she got at one point when she was really, really trying to keep up with the older two.

So funny!  I also love how she would lift up her dress like a princess as she walked.

A cute picture of all three of them.

Oh Wait!  I have FOUR kids!  At one point I had forgotten that we didn't get any pictures of all four of the kids together (K4 had been taking a nap when the kids first set off trick or treating).  So we all ran back real quick to take some pictures with him before it got too dark.

Ha, ha!  K4 looked reeeeallly concerned in that last picture!

Our cute little skeleton.  I feel bad that I actually didn't remember to include K4 in a lot of the picture festivities...but the older kids are just so overwhelming with holidays like this so it was easy to forget. I feel bad though because when all my other kids were his age they got a lot of pictures taken of them in their Halloween costume.  The poor last child.   :)  He is an expert at sitting up now, and I got one good picture of him in his costume before the light faded completely.

 I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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