Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Halloween in July

I walked into the Dollar Tree today and what did I see? Christmas Halloween in July!  I kid you not, they actually had a small section of Halloween decorations up already (amidst all the back to school gear and leftover luau decor).  Even being the Year-Round-Halloween-Shopper-Fanatic that I am, I still think that July is a BIT early to be seeing it in stores.  But I am not one to turn up my nose to such a golden opportunity!  

I was hoping beyond hope that they would have black ravens like they did last year.  After much searching...I finally found them in a hidden bin in a middle aisle display.  I remembered crying (that may or may not be literal) that I only bought ONE last year, and regretted not having bought more because they sold out so fast.  

So today I bought 11.

And of course I had to test one out on the testing ledge.
That will do.

They also had a package of 15 rat silhouettes (for a dollar, of course)...which saves me a lot of time having to cut out my own the Martha way (link here). 

  I also bought the raven ones, just for good measure.

And although as a general rule I hate decorating with spiders...because I just don't like kids conned me in to getting a few.  (bless their little Halloween-loving hearts) Add to that a few packages of spooky cloth (similar to cheesecloth) and I was set!  

Of course, daughter #1 had to test out the cloth to see if it was spooky enough.

What do you think?  Pretty spooky to me!

Daughter #2 thought we were playing dress-up and joined in on the fun.

All in all, quite the Halloween horde...especially for the dead of summer!

I will have to be sure and stop by again sometime soon to see what else they put out, because I'm sure they are just getting started.

Here's to Halloween in July!

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