Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Hutch

Well, I just couldn't get everything done this year.  I had hoped to have my hutch refinished so I could do my haunted bookcase/apothecary...but it just didn't happen.  So I had to quickly come up with something else instead.  (the bottom of the hutch is still there, it is the top part with the shelves that is missing...still sitting in the garage)

The witchy clothesline is something I plan on putting in the basement laundry room when it is finished, but until then I thought it would help fill in some space around the hutch.

I used the font "bleeding cowboy" (you can google it and download it for free).  I like it because it looks like it is dripping wet, but looks spooky at the same time.  :)  I'm also quite proud of my clever witchy clothesline saying.  For once I didn't copy the idea from somebody else!

I painted clothespins black and used twine for the rope.  For the "socks" I cut up two pairs of costume tights and finished the edges just like the baby tights HERE.  I suppose you could probably just leave them as is, but I liked the frilly look.

 For the bottom part of the hutch I just made a smaller version of what my apothecary will look like.  All these items were just randomly found at thrift stores and craft store clearance racks.  Super duper inexpensive stuff here.

 I also didn't get around to putting all the potion labels on the bottles.  That can be another fun thing to look forward to doing next year!

 If I get some energy I might fill up some of the jars with fun candies or something cute like that.  We shall see.

I think the hutch area turned out great, but it is fun knowing that I will have this area to decorate differently next year when the hutch is finished!

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  1. Holy crap, you're good at this! I own approximately 3 Halloween decorations, so I am --as my kids informed me -- totally lame. You have great ideas here! Maybe I can incorporate some next year. Then I won't be so lame.


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