Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just in Case...

It is amazing how much Pinterest has transformed the world of crafts since last October.  I was actually a compulsive "bookmarker" (I seriously had billions of bookmarks on my toolbar split up into a hundred different categories), so it was a natural transition for me to switch to Pinterest.  The best part is that now I get to see what everyone else has been "bookmarking" too!

Early in the year I saw a pin for a clever little shadow box that said, "In case of Vampire Attack, Break Glass".  I saw this idea and knew I had to do it.  (link to tutorial here)

Funniest party about this project is that I pinned it, then my Halloween friend immediately pinned it too.  The VERY NEXT DAY (no joke), my friend showed up at my door with a whittle out stake (made out of an old broomstick, I believe) just for me.  When making her own she told her son to make two so that I could have one too (yes, this was back in March).  Oh how I love my fellow Halloween crazy friends!

With the hardest part already done, I really had no excuse to not finish the project that weekend.  The rest of the project was easy.  I grabbed a $5 12 x12 shadowbox from the Craft store, got a paint pen from Walmart (the finer the tip, the easier this project will be), and got to work.  You can print off the words from the link above, or you could easily use any font you want on your own. It only took me about 15 minutes to paint the lettering on. 

And here is the finished project:

I have a couple of ideas using this same technique that I hope I get around to doing this year...

And there you have it!  An easy half an hour project for you to do before Halloween sets in.

My Halloween board on Pinterest is here if you would like to follow!

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  1. I love it!!! It is nice to have a Halloween friend! FYI I used the handle to a plunger to make the stake, it was already stained so it looked awesome when I sanded some of the edges off. I'm glad you have one too, now!


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