Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Homely to Haunted {take 2}

Another little treasure needed some coaxing to become all that it was destined to be.

Back in 2009 (yes I know, a bit of a flashback) I found this beauty at DI (where else?) and just couldn't pass it up.  At $6 it was a little more than I liked to spend on transformation projects, but it was worth it.  I mean, candlebra and Halloween are pretty much synonymous, right?  I had to have it.
your typical silver candleabra

now a spooky creation worthy of displaying

And display it I did.
Amazing what some black spray paint can do.

  Like my father-in-law always says...even an old barn looks good painted.  :)

My only regret is that I found another similarly fascinating four-pronged candelabra at DI just this last week, but the $8 price tag was a little too steep (I know, I'm a little to frugal for my own good sometimes).  But then I got home and realized I was crazy for not snatching it up, so I resolved to go the next day.  Can you believe it was GONE!?!  I sure hope that person realizes what a treasure they own. 

And they better have painted it black.  Just sayin'.

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