Monday, August 8, 2011

Tonight's Project

Tonight I am going to sit down and cut out some more bats for my entryway.  

  Halloween Entryway 2010

This year I want them coming all the way from the basement window (from the left...window not pictured) I will need to make just a few more.

I almost panicked because I didn't think I had any black felt laying around, and our only craft store in town is already closed (sorry Walmart, your felt is too expensive).  But do not fear, I found some lurking in my basement (phew!).  So I'll get out my sharpest scissors, a white crayon, my bat template found HERE from Country Living, and settle down to a nice chick-flick (most likely BBC's Emma) to help pass the time.  

Oooooooo I love working on Halloween projects!

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