Monday, August 15, 2011

Homely to Haunted {take 3}

Old misfit item.  Black spray paint.  You know the drill.



At first I was tempted to leave the "older" looking brass just the way it was, but figured I'd just go ahead and paint them.  I think the spider approves.

And here is another set that got the paint treatment.  (the BEFORE picture is in THIS will need to play "I spy")

So why all the candlesticks?

One of my new projects for this year is a candle display in my front bay window located right next to the front door.  I am going to make a sign similar to THIS one that I found on Etsy that says "Wicked Wick's Candle Shoppe."  I will likely just put something together in Photoshop and put it in an 8x10 frame since I have no sort of vinyl machine to speak of.  But together with a nice collection of LED candles and it will be a great display to greet guests!

About candles:

(just a small sampling)

I don't do real flame candles.  With little kids to knock them over, and my house burning down being in the top three on my nightmare just isn't worth it!  So I have started a nice collection of LED candles.  I was lucky enough to find a jackpot of clearance LED taper candles at a local home decor store.  They've had them in their 50% off section for over a year now, so I just pick one or two up every time I go in (about once a month).  Amazingly they are never gone when I go to buy more.  Apparently no one else realizes that candles are a Halloween must. :)  I've also found many LED candles in thrift stores.  And if you don't mind spending more than 50 cents, you can get LED candles at Walmart...although I've noticed their flickering qualities aren't quite up to par with the rest.  If I had a Hobby Lobby next to me, that would also be a place I would go (as well as any other craft store)...and they have amazing sales too!

Really, LED candles are everywhere, so be on the look-out for those great deals.

Happy hunting!

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